How to Connect Two Computers Through a Network

Turn Windows Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot and Share Your Internet I have internet over proxy through wi-fi, and tried to share internet with my wifi. control panel (in network place) shows internet and shared both have internet access. but after connection is established with shared wifi to my mobile, i am unable to open web page on my mobile. so please help me from where i make setting to share internet with How to share Internet connection on a mac - MacTip Aug 09, 2012 Over 100,000 mobile hotspots, internet services going to Jul 22, 2020

You have to use the Wi-Fi connection and create a wireless link between the computers. When they are connected wirelessly, you will be able to share the data without a problem. For that, you need to create an ad-hoc network in Windows. Though an ad-hoc network is limited in some aspect, you can defiantly use them for special purposes.

From the left side panel, click on Change adapter settings. Now press the Shift button and without releasing it, click on the Wifi adapter and then on the Ethernet adapter for which you want to share the network connection. Right click on any of the adapters and select the Bridge connection option. Above tutorial steps in detail: How to Share Internet Connection in Windows 10 Computer Aug 03, 2019 3 Ways to Share an Internet Connection - wikiHow

How to Share Your Internet Connection Between Two Windows PCs

Aug 03, 2019 3 Ways to Share an Internet Connection - wikiHow Sharing a Windows Computer's Connection: Configure your devices on the network. When sharing … Internet Connection Sharing in Windows 10 - Microsoft Nov 14, 2017 Sharing the Pi's WiFi connection through the Ethernet port We also need to share RPi’s internet connection with the devices connected over Wi-Fi. We will configure a NAT between eth0 and wlan0 : sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i wlan0 -o eth0 -m state --state RELATED,ESTABLISHED -j ACCEPT sudo iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -o wlan0 -j ACCEPT