A classic case of selective enforcement, but HOA still

Selective enforcement, is it against the law? A HOA, CCRs say something vague about neighbors views. I am being asked to cut my hedges, no one else is, including those who are complaining and those Selective enforcement - Arizona Homeowners Coalition | HOA May 31, 2019 Selective Enforcement - TV Tropes On multiple occasions, this is due to a selective enforcement plot when the rest of the class gets away with things, but he gets caught for a minor infraction. For example, the whole classroom will be misbehaving with the teacher not paying attention, but the second Todd opens his mouth, the entire class is silent and he's caught talking in HOA's: Consistent vs. Selective Enforcement of CC&Rs

What are my options to deal with HOA's selective

What is Selective Enforcement of Rules? Selective enforcement is when a board enforces, or is perceived to enforce, rules against some homeowners and not others. It also occurs when rules are unfairly or inconsistently enforced throughout the community. For example, suppose that there is a rule that all trash receptacles must be properly stored by 6 p.m., but no one on Selective enforcement | Lawyers.com Selective enforcement is term that is often misconstrued. If there was racial or discriminatory motivation in enforcing this law selectively, there is voluminous case law, as well as the 14th Amendment of our Federal Constitution, which prohibits such actions.

Jul 06, 2020

scrutinizing enforcement discretion claims in general and selective enforcement claims in particular. A perception of the separation of powers doctrine as a system of checks and balances requires that all three powers be involved in enforcement work with continuous synchronization and mutual feedback.