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Setting up Proxy Server in Windows 10. How to Turn off a Proxy Server. For Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users, go to Internet Properties, then the Connections tab. Next click LAN Settings at the bottom and untick Use automatic configuration script or Use a proxy server for your LAN (Depending on which proxy setting you were using). How to set up proxy on Chrome for macOS | CactusVPN Scroll down to the “System” title and click on “Open proxy settings” (4). Check the “Web proxy (HTTP)” checkbox (5).In the “Web Proxy Server” field (6) type the IP address of the CactusVPN proxy server you want to connect to and enter the Port number you want to use. Chrome Proxy Settings - (How to) Enable and Disable Here you will find below options. Automatically Detect Setting – select this if you want to automatically detect settings set up by the network.. Use Automatic Configuration Script – You can use the script given by your network admin for internet access.. Proxy Server –. Select e use a proxy server for your LAN.