How to Delete Twitter Search History on Your Smartphone

In this tutorial you will learn how to clear twitter search history on the iPhone. The only way to do this on your iPhone is to re-install the twitter application. Once you do this, the search history will be cleared. Also, if you’re ever having any difficulty with the twitter app, follow the … How to Clear Recent Search History on Twitter | Android May 27, 2019 How I cleaned up my embarrassing Twitter history Feb 12, 2018 How to Delete Twitter Search History on iPhone and Android

Scroll down to the bottom and choose "Clear search history." This window controls various settings for your iPhone Gmail app. Ryan Ariano/Business Insider 6.

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How to Clear Your Search and Browser History | AVG

The following month Twitter, Inc., was created as a corporate entity, thanks to an infusion of venture capital. From its inception Twitter was primarily a free SMS with a social networking element. As such, it lacked the clear revenue stream that one could find on sites that derived income from banner advertising or membership fees. Aug 05, 2017 · But that’s not the case with the Twitter app, which is nice enough to include a way to manually clear out its own documents and data cache storage within the iOS app. How to Empty Twitter Caches on iPhone, iPad. Clearing Twitter caches on the iPhone and iPad is easy, here’s all you need to do: Open the Twitter app and go to your profile page