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Bad traceroute. : usenet This is exactly what they said "The traceroute looks pretty bad. That means that each network hop to reach our servers is slower than it really should be. Ideally each hop will be under 100ms. I use Eweka,Sunnyusenet and Tweaknews and on 150 mbps and usually max it outif you want to test traceroute test from Newshosting servers to you using. Traceroute Tool - Traceroute. Traceroute, also called tracepath or tracert, is a network tool used to determine the "path" packets take from one IP address to another.It provides the hostname, IP address, and the response time to a ping. Enter the IP address that you want to lookup. This will provide a traceroute with geographic location information (city, state, country if available). We Need Your Help - Newshosting Usenet

Reverse Traceroute and Newsgroups Diagnostics Tool. Reverse Traceroute; Giganews Accelerator; Newsgroup Search; Giganews Usenet users can utilize the tools provided to view the network path between Giganews' Usenet servers and their computer, search for their favorite newsgroup, or improve their overall performance with Giganews.

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Aug 10, 2005 What is 'traceroute' and How to Use It? - Jul 20, 2018 Solved: Traceroute !A !A !A - Cisco Community Solved: Hello, Has anyone ever seen !A !A !A return on a traceroute? Working on a network problem and got this on a traceroute and dont know what it means. Thanks, Richard Traceroute Tool Provides Powerful Insight | Broadband Library