Feb 07, 2019

How can I connect to the Wi-Fi network? | Cowles If needing to access Yale secure websites or resources from off campus, the Cisco VPN AnyConnect client (available for download from the ITS Software Library) in conjunction with Multifactor Authentication can be used. For assistance, call the ITS Help Desk at (203) 432-9000. Compliance Requirements - hipaa.yale.edu WiFi™: For WiFi networking, you may use only secure (WPA-2) WiFi networks known to be trustworthy (such as “Yale Secure”). If you cannot use a WPA-2 WiFi network, you must use a VPN connection to connect to Yale. Bluetooth™: Passwords or PINs must be used to secure Bluetooth connections with devices and block unknown devices. FAQs - Phase 1 - Research at Yale Please note that you must be on the Yale network to access EHS Integrator. If you are not on the Yale network or Yale Secure wi-fi, you must first begin a VPN secure connection (via Cisco Any Connect). Contact the ITS Help Desk (available 24/7) at helpdesk@yale.edu or 203-432-9000 for help with VPN. I've used VPN in the past to access - ask.library.yale.edu

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Three Steps to Use VPN Download and install the free VPN software (AnyConnect) from the Yale Software Library. You do this once. Start AnyConnect each time you wish to use Yale resources Enter the address access.yale.edu and then click Connect in the AnyConnect window. Then …

https://yaleflowscheduling.internal.yale.edu / is located behind Yale’s firewall.. You will be able to access and use the website as you normally would using the Yale Secure wifi or a direct ethernet connection at Yale. If your Yale wifi signal is not strong, or if you are off campus, then a Virtual Private Network (VPN) app must be engaged first.

Accessing Yale's Resources | Study Abroad | Yale University Yale Library Resources. To use licensed e-resources such as the JAMA e-journal or the ArtSTOR database, you need to be identified as a Yale University Library patron. Since many Yale applications are restricted to the Yale campus computers, you'll need to download the Yale VPN Client to access restricted resources from abroad ‎Yale Secure on the App Store Download Yale Secure and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. ‎*Requires Yale Assure Lock with iM1 Network Module (YRD256-iM1)* Lock and unlock your home without the hassle of keys using the Yale Secure app and your compatible Assure Lock with iM1. Never worry about lending or losing your house keys again – now, your smartphone is Yale University | Academic Software Discounts Norton Secure VPN (1 year, 1 device) Norton 360 Deluxe (1 year, 3 devices) JMP® 14. NVivo 12 Plus (Windows) NVivo 12 Pro (Windows) Statistica Ultimate Bundle Single User. OriginPro Student Version 2020b. MindManager. PDF Studio 2019. Sticky Password Premium. Online Teach Faq - Yale School of Art