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Website Blocking for Productivity and Security. Organizations want employees to have access to many websites, but not all. You may want to prevent visits to some websites for a number of reasons including ensuring productivity and security as well as preventing access to inappropriate websites. Jul 19, 2017 · There are safeguards against the corruption of your kids, however. High-quality pornography blocking software can help them keep their innocence just a little longer. Pornography blocking software automatically prohibits access to sites that deal in sex. Each software company maintains its own comprehensive blacklist of dangerous sites. Block Websites with ActivTrak’s Website Blocker. Ideally, you want to use a blocking tool like ActivTrak’s to keep an ever-expanding list of the sites you choose to block. Sure you could go in to each individual computer and block websites manually.

The software includes password protected mode so that other computer users can not modify the list of blocked web sites and password protected uninstall. Order Website Block Now! Upgrade Information Registered users of Website Block versions 1.xx may order a version 3 upgrade Order Website Block version 3 Upgrade Features

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The best parental control and web filtering software. Complete visibility and control over your child's online activity. Sign up today to start. XenArmor Website Blocker Pro Software | XenArmor Website Blocker Pro is the enterprise software to help you instantly Block selected websites on your Windows computer.It automatically blocks your websites across all web browsers and applications for all the users. It operates in complete Stealth mode without installing any plugins or running any programs in … 10 Best Website & App Blockers of 2019 - Venture Harbour Serene. While still in private beta, Serene is a free MacOS application built by our team that helps … 10 Free Tools to Filter and Block Porn on the Internet PicBlock is an innovative porn blocking tool where it uses keywords and image detection algorithm to recognize the availability of nudity on the website or even on hard drive and then blocks it. When your child visits any website, PicBlock will first scan for any sexually explicit keywords on …