You can decide for yourself what you would and wouldn't share. When your finances are combined, it might make sense to share bank, Netflix and Prime accounts. Sharing safely

Netflix Password Sharing Crackdown After Users Swapping U.S. Netflix Passwords Streaming Cybersecurity Netflix is set to prevent users from sharing accounts and restrict people from swapping passwords. Greg Peters, chief product officer at Netflix, Should I share my Netflix password? - MarketWatch Dec 08, 2014 Should You Share Your Netflix Password? - Panda Security

Hastings explained at CES that people who share someone else’s Netflix account often go on to become paying subscribers themselves at a later date, CNET reported. “We love people sharing Netflix whether they’re two people on a couch or 10 people on a couch,,” Hastings said.

How to protect your Netflix profile with a PIN - The Verge Apr 08, 2020

Jul 18, 2016

Jul 14, 2020 · IGN's State of Streaming takes a look at the overall impact password sharing has on streaming providers like Netflix and Disney+, and how that could affect your ability to share in the future.