The Controller Area Network (CAN bus) is the nervous system, enabling communication. In turn, 'nodes' or 'electronic control units' (ECUs) are like parts of the body, interconnected via the CAN bus. Information sensed by one part can be shared with another. So what is an ECU?

Controller Area Network (CAN) Information, Working and CAN or Controller Area Network is a two wired half-duplex high-speed serial network technology. It is basically used in communication among different devices in a low radius region, such as in an automobile. A CAN protocol is a CSMA-CD/ASM protocol or carrier sense multiple access collision detection arbitrations on message priority protocol. Introduction to the Controller Area Network (CAN) (Rev. B) The CAN communications protocol, ISO-11898: 2003, describes how information is passed between devices on a network and conforms to the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model that is defined in terms of layers. Actual communication between devices connected by the physical medium is defined by the physical layer of the model. What is controller area network (CAN)? Webopedia Definition A controller area network (CAN) is a serial bus network of microcontrollers that connects devices, sensors and actuators in a system or sub-system for real-time control applications. There is no addressing scheme used in controller area networks, as in the sense of conventional addressing in networks (such as Ethernet).

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(1) CAN is an acronym for campus-area network.An interconnection of local-area networks within a limited geographical space, such as a school campus or a military base. (2) See controller area network. Diagnosing Ford communication network problems - Auto Input data can be shared between the various modules through the data bus, and a module may request information from another module on the network as well. The data bus wires are designated: Bus + …circuit # 914….and is found on Pin 2 of the DLC CAN Physical Layer and Termination Guide - NI Mar 05, 2019 What is WAN | Wide Area Network Definition | Computer A wide area network (WAN) is a large network of information that is not tied to a single location. WANs can provide communication, the sharing of information, and much more between devices from around the world through a WAN provider.