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VPN.ac Review - Best Secure VPN for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS VPN.ac, with their dedicated team composed of talented and expert IT security personnel, has been able to develop an incredibly simple but at the same time innovative, impressive, competitive and very powerful VPN client software that has, with great features, one of the most secured and end-to-end encryption technology in the industry to Download VPN.AC Client 1.1.34 APK For Android VPN.AC is a security-focused VPN service operated by professionals with a strong background in Information Security, Linux and Networking. VPN.AC Client for Android encrypts all mobile traffic using state-of-the-art Elliptic Curve Cryptography and AES GCM ciphers. VPN.AC Review - Best 10 VPN Reviews Overall, VPN.AC’s client is quite good. I went expecting to see only a barebones client but came away impressed with the security features and usability. Read more: Top Rated VPN Software Provider of 2016. Visit VPN.AC. Mobile Software 6/10. We were disappointed to see that VPN.AC doesn’t have an iPhone client yet, but they do support Best VPN for Windows 8 & 10 - Secure PC Client Software or App

Best VPN for Windows (7, 8, 10) – Secure PC Client Software / App for anonymous surfing online. Despite the fact that security of Windows Operating System has been improved to a remarkable extent, yet it is impossible for the Windows OS to protect its users from spying eyes of governments, ISPs, advertisers, and corporate surveillance.Windows users are also vulnerable to hackers especially

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“ I've tested many of the "big" VPN providers, but none come even close to VPN.ac. The extremely good and personal support compared to the standard "copy & paste" support you get from others is really something extra. On top of that, the service is really fast and I dont see any drops in internet speed with this provider! ” View more

Installing VPN.ac. The installation process for the VPN client software is not as complicated as the installation instructions imply. Don’t be put off by the commentary in the download page. The process is carried out by a self-installing wizard, so you don’t have to do any of the work that the installation instructions tell you to do. VPN.AC - Premium VPN Download | ZDNet