Aug 19, 2014

author: the name of the document's author.; description: a short and accurate summary of the content of the page.Several browsers, like Firefox and Opera, use this as the default description of bookmarked pages. generator: the identifier of the software that generated the page.; keywords: words relevant to the page's content separated by commas.; referrer: controls the HTTP Referer header for Fundamentals of Metadata Management - DATAVERSITY May 25, 2017 1. What are metadata? - Metadata Creation - Library Guides There are many different kinds of metadata. In the world of digital objects, metadata is usually divided into 3 to 5 categories: Administrative metadata, including: . Rights metadata (i.e., intellectual property rights and use information); Technical metadata (i.e., technical details about the object and its instantiation like its file format, file size, and how to open, access and use it Search - A Basic Guide – Internet Archive Help Center To use this on the site, select Search metadata in the drop-down that appears when you type a query in the input text field. When you enter text into the main search bar on the homepage, you can also choose Search metadata. Advanced search: Click on the blue Advanced Search below the input text field. You will be taken to the Advanced Search page.

Access to and retention of internet ‘metadata’ On 5 August 2014, the Government announced its intention to update Australia’s telecommunication interception laws. This is part of broader efforts to enhance powers available to security agencies ‘to combat home-grown terrorism and Australians who participate in terrorist activities overseas’.

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Item metadata values can be either strings or arrays.¶ When the metadata read api returns a json representation of the metadata, values which are a single string are returned as a single string (or integer if appropriate), instead of an array containing one string. If a value consists of multiple strings, the returned value is an array of strings.

Buy MyMeta - Microsoft Store Search for internet provided metadata and artwork from, and tagChimp "Quick Preview" feature allows you to quickly view your media files before tagging; AutoTag sets of movies to the best match search result available with just … Metadata Service - InCommon Federation - Internet2 Wiki Feb 25, 2020 What is metadata? - YouTube Oct 25, 2016