Jan 30, 2018 · I have recently got AT&T and I was hoping to be able to change my IP if I were ever DDoS attacked on the new connection, I used to have Comcast which allowed bridge mode where I had a modem and router setup allowing me to change my public IP by changing the mac on the router and resetting both devices.

Jul 03, 2017 CHANGING MY IP ADDRESS - Xfinity Help and Support Forums If you get your own retaill purchased modem and your own third party router you can change/ clone the MAC address at will which will result in a different public / WAN IP address… is an IP Address from your modem or computer? | Yahoo Answers Jan 05, 2011

Method 3: Change IP Address Manually. You can also set a static private IP address, by manually assigning it. To do this, you will need the following information from your previously assigned (automatic IP address). These details can be obtained from the “Status -> Details” tab as described in …

Oct 21, 2019

May 16, 2020 · Changing your Internet IP address Modem users. When connecting to the Internet over a dial-up modem, your ISP assigns your computer a different IP address each time you connect. If you want to change your IP address, try disconnecting and reconnecting. If you're assigned the same address, disconnect for a few minutes and then reconnect

An IP address is like a signature which is used to identify your computer, as well as your location. It is sometimes used to track you as you browse certain websites. If you don't like the idea of being tracked, hide your IP address through your router by obtaining a new address whenever you need one. How to change your IP address - Ricmedia PC Help There are times when you need to change your IP address, for instance: after detecting a virus (trojan) or other threat on your computer, being targeted by a hacker, or as a general security measure, it’s good practice to renew your IP address weekly at the very least.Most ISP’s setup their networks and user modems to automatically renew after 7 days (user connections are typically DHCP